Know More About Baby Diarrhea Rash

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Rash is common thing found on baby and so baby diarrhea rash is. Diarrhea is a result of spoiled, bad or uncommon food ingested to our body. A loose runny stool, stomach cramp, gas and frequent poo are common symptom of diarrhea. When your baby has diarrhea it is surely thing that she or he will produce more poo than usual and as result the diaper is wetter and dirtier than usual.

Baby Diarrhea Rash Is Also Known As Severe Diaper Rash

When your baby has diarrhea you need extra attention and change the diaper more than usual. Leaving baby with wet and dirty diaper is not good and in the case of diarrhea, you need to double check and put extra care to it. If your baby has baby diarrhea rash your baby is likely develop more diaper rash than usual condition. The rash is caused by bowel movement that may irritate the baby delicate and sensitive skin. While the diaper rash identified as bright pink or red, shine skin with blister, bumps or patches and in severe case of rash, you will see sores or peeling of skin. You can identify the rash caused by diarrhea as the groin has a bright red area or spotted area around the groin.

Baby Diarrhea Rash Look Like

To treat the diaper rash is as easy as changing the diaper often and frequent. Soon as the baby diaper dirty or wet, you need to change it immediately. When changing the diaper, make sure your baby skin is always clean and dry. Before you wear the new diaper, let air circulate around the bottom for about ten minutes to make sure the bottom is completely dry. To treat the diarrhea rash, you may apply the treatment of diaper rash. In addition, for treatment for baby diarrhea rash after performing the basic cleaning you need to protect the area around the diaper by applying a little over petroleum jelly or cream just after the skin is completely dry.

Baby Diarrhea Rash Prevention By Changing The Diaper regularly

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