Know More about Rash on Baby Buttocks

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Rash on baby buttocks is commonly found on a baby and many call it as a nappy or diaper rash. Rash on baby buttocks is a result of the skin irritation in the area covered by diaper. When a baby has a nappy or diaper rash, you may know it as the skin in the area that closely contact with diaper looks reddish and inflamed. In some cases, the rash is also spreading and affecting baby’s genital area and the outer skin of thigh where the folds on. The rash is pinkish or reddish in color, with sometimes bumpy or pimply, and it appears either dry or moist.

Rash On Baby Buttocks Or Nappy Rash

There are various reasons the rash on baby buttocks occurs, the main reason is dirty and wet diaper left on too long. The diaper is usually having direct and close contact with buttocks. When you are leaving your baby with wee and poo on a long time the baby is likely to have a diaper or nappy rash. It is normal for baby to get runny poo and frequent wee, so regular diaper change is a need. Although a very good diaper which absorb enough liquid, it still leaves moisture on baby’s skin. That is why when you leave your baby too long with wet and dirty diaper, the delicate new baby’s buttock cannot protect itself from irritation and the rash occurs as the result. If your baby has a very delicate and sensitive skin, the rash definitely strikes the bottoms even though the baby gets a regular nappy changes.

Rash On Baby Buttocks And Genital Area

When your baby has a diarrhea, it will likely to produce rash on baby buttocks too. The wee and the poo spreads more likely to wider area of bottoms and it cause the skin wetter than the usual condition. You need to be cautious when your baby has an allergic reaction to chemical substances. The ingredient of the diaper that has a direct contact to skin has enough reason to make the rash occurs. Other than that, you also need to be careful with what things you are applying on your baby’s bottom such as cleanser, baby wipe or bathing soap as the product will likely trigger the rash on the skin too.

Rash On Baby Buttocks, Genital Area And Thigh

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