Knowing More About Rash On Newborn Baby

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Rash on newborn baby is consider as common skin problems that almost all babies will and have experienced it. Most of the rash though unsightly blemishes and scary will resolve on its own within days, weeks and months. Newborn may develop rash with varieties of appearances and symptoms such as pimply, bumpy, blotchy, prickly, itchy, or scaly. Pimply Rash On Newborn Baby

Rash on newborn baby may look like pimples and it usually appears on baby’s cheeks, noses and foreheads. The pimply rash may due to baby acne that often appears few days after baby is born. The rash looks like acne that developed by teenager or adult but will clear on its own within months.

If you find pimply rash with small white spots on newborn face, it may due to milia. Milia may occur during the first week of baby’s life and resolve on its own in a few weeks.

Blotchy rash on newborn baby is also commonly found during the first weeks of baby’s life. The blotchy rash may due to erythema toxicum. It looks like red blotches with pus-filled bumps that occurs on part of body. This blotchy rash may come and go, but eventually resolve within weeks.Blotchy Rash On Newborn Baby

Blotchy rash on baby may also occur when it is cold, the rash may look blotchy and lacy found on torso and limbs. The rash is usually known as mottling and when the source of cold is gone, the rash will go away on its own.

Scaly rash on newborn may due to cradle cap. Cradle cap is ofScaly Rash On Newborn Babyten identified as scaly or crusty yellowish skin that found occasionally on the top of baby’s head, forehead or neck. The rash is the commonly found on babies as it is an accumulation of sticky skin oils, scales and dead skin cells. The rash may go away on its own when baby reaches one year of age or you can help it to go faster by applying mineral oil or baby oil on the affected skin.

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