Knowing The Rash On Baby Body Through The Clues

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Rash on baby body may due to variety of causes and factors. It is common for baby to develop rashes on the first year of their life. Baby has immature immune system that is why baby is susceptible to have rash. As parents, it is important to know what kind of rashes your baby has since most of rashes are quiet benign and will resolve on its own in weeks or days.

One way to identify the rash on baby body is through the clues. Here are some of the tips to learn how to identify the rashes. Yet, before jump into types of rash your baby might have, you need to identify the general clues such as does your baby look sick or not. Having rash or not, if your baby has behavioral changes and tend to lying around and not playing you need to go to doctor immediately. Knowing baby has been exposed to particular virus may be benefit.Knowing The Rash On Baby Body Through The Clues

Here are some of the tips to identify rash on baby body:

First thing first you need to identify where the rash occurs, secondly what does the rash look like and is there any following itchiness. To begin with let’s start with the rash that occurs all over the body. This rash is raised, red rash and feels like a little sandpaper and it does itch a little. Rash with kind of identification may due to scarlet fever caused by strep infection. The rash may accompanied with other symptoms such as sore throat.Although Rash On Baby Body Appears, Go To Doctor If Baby Looks Very Ill

Another rash may associated with cold symptoms such as fever, after the fever disappear the cheeks turn into bright red as if have been slapped. After that, red lacy rash occurs all over the body, the rash itself is flat. The rash may give itchy sensation sometime. This rash may due to fifth disease or slapped cheeks or erythema infectiosum. It is a benign viral illness that can go away on its own despite the look.Knowing-The-Rash-On-Baby-Body-Through-The-Clues-Such-As-Fever

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