List Of What Causes Diaper Rash In Babies

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What causes diaper rash in babies? The answer is abundant of factors may contribute those blemishes to occur on your little one’s soft and delicate skin. Diaper rash is a skin condition where the skin area under diaper looks bright red or intense red, irritated and tender and this condition quite common found on babies. One thing to remember, diaper rash might be persistent although you have applied any efforts to prevent it to come.

Here is a list of what causes diaper rash in babies you need to know:List Of What Causes Diaper Rash In Babies

The most common cause of diaper rash is skin irritation. Baby has a sensitive skin that when baby is left with dirty diaper for too long, the rash occurs. However the rash might still occur on baby with sensitive skin although you are a frequent diaper changer. A diaper chaffing might cause a diaper rash too since you put diaper on too tight.List Of What Causes Diaper Rash In Babies, diaper Chaffing

The second cause of what causes diaper rash in babies is the moisture trapped on baby’s skin. When there is moisture trapped on bay’s skin, baby is more susceptible to get diaper rash. Moisture on diaper may contain urine mixed with bacteria from bowel movement; this mixture can be very harsh to baby’s skin and cause irritation. Even super absorbent diaper still leave moisture on baby’s buttocks.List Of What Causes Diaper Rash In Babies, Foods

Chemical sensitivity might cause diaper rash too. Baby skin might react towards chemicals and fragrances found in disposable diaper. A cloth diaper baby might react the same way since cloth diaper might be laundered with harsh detergent or soaked in fragranced softener.

When baby starts solid food, baby might develop diaper rash. The rash may strike as the new food offered change baby bowel movements composition. The new foods may cause baby increases the baby passing tools frequency. Both factors can lead baby develop diaper rash.

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