What Might Cause The Appearance Of Full Body Rash On Baby

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Full body rash on baby as any other rash found on baby body part may cause bothersome for both mommy and baby. However many rashes found on baby are harmless and may resolve on its own within weeks or days. When baby has rashes that occurs after other symptoms or associated with other worrisome symptoms, they need further examination and evaluation.

Full Body Rash On Baby Is Inititated with Slapped Cheeks - Copy

Some types of full body rash on baby are occasionally caused by allergic reactions, infections, and particular illness. When your baby has rash found on a full body due to allergic reactions, it may appear as dry, patchy, scaly lesions of rash that can crust or crack. Hives caused by allergic reaction is commonly found too, occasionally the hives will finally turn into blister. Rash due to allergic reaction occurs as baby skin is in contact an agent of allergen or baby is ingesting something that she/he is allergic to. Greater risk of this rash affects babies with eczema or atopic dermatitis since they are more sensitive with particular substances such as detergents, baby soap and other chemicals.Full Body Rash On Baby May Due To Other illness

What might cause a full body rash on baby is due to infections. Bacterial infections for example, cause the rashes found throughout the body. You need to be cautious when you found baby skin with flat, purple rash that similar to bruises, the rash may caused by the bacteria Neisseria meningitidis which is potentially lethal if it is not diagnosed and treated.Full Body Rash On Baby May Due To Infections

Fifth diseases caused by Parvovirus B19 or slapped cheek is the example of rash found on full body. The rash may occur as flat, red and usually not itchy. The rash is initially found on cheeks along with red rash that found on arms, legs and chest. Rash due to infections may cause itchy sensation too like chicken pox caused by varicella virus. The rash is started with flat red bumps and then crusted over.

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