What Might Cause Baby Rash On Belly Button

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Baby rash on belly or belly button as any other rashes found on baby body might due to a variety of causes. Some common conditions that may cause rash on belly button are roseola, eczema and yeast diaper. Although the rash is worrisome, some rashes found on baby are commonly benign and will resolve on their own within weeks. However if the rash is initiated with fever or accompanied with other bothersome symptoms, it need examination and evaluation.Baby-Rash-On-Belly-Can-Spread-To-Other-Part-Of-Body

The first possible cause of baby rash on belly button is yeast diaper rash. Yeast diaper rash is commonly found on baby when baby has a bad untreated diaper rash. The rash identified as red blotchy rash in the diaper area or creases. Yeast diaper rash might strike baby boys or girls since both wear diapers and when baby diaper excessive moisture reaches belly button area, the rash occurs at belly button area too.aby Rash On Belly With Blotch

Eczema or atopic dermatitis might cause baby rash on belly button too. The rash is identified with itchy sensation and rash that may occur at any spot of baby body. Eczema may occur as it caused by agent of irritant such as detergent, soap, and other chemicals. For the time being there is no cure for eczema but occasionally it is treated with mild cortisone ointment to relief the symptoms.hat Causes Baby Rash On Belly

Next possible cause of rashon belly button rash is roseola. Roseola is caused by viral infection and it is mostly found on children between six months and three years old. Roseola is initiated with a high fever that lasts for about a week. After the fever subsides, the rash occurs. The initial spot of the rash is abdominal region, after that the rash may spread to other body parts of baby such as arms, legs, and face. Antibiotics is ineffective to treat the rash, you need wait for the virus to run the course.

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