Natural Baby Powder Diaper Rash Treatment

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Baby powder diaper rash is one of the options to battle the rash under diaper area. However, baby powder is no longer recommended to be used to baby and whether or not using baby powder to battle the diaper rash is still a controversy. It turns out that baby powder may cause breathing problem and cause a serious damage on lung when baby inhales it. It is not easy to always prevent baby not inhale the powder and the chances are baby is breathing the powder.Cornstarch As Baby Powder Diaper Rash Treatment Is Not Recommended Natural Baby Powder Diaper Rash Treatment, The Bentonite Powder Talcum Baby Powder Diaper Rash Can CAuse Breathing Difficulties

In addition, there is no evidence that performing method of baby powder diaper rash is effective to be applied. Talc based powder is no longer recommended and pose risk as possibly carcinogenic to humans when you apply it on genital region. While the cornstarch based powder, which is deemed as the much safer baby powder ingredients, should be avoided to be applied on diaper rash raw skin. Furthermore, when your baby has yeast diaper rash, cornstarch does not heal the rash but it makes the rash worse as it actually feeds the yeast.

However, if you still opt for natural baby powder diaper rash treatment, know that your baby does not have diaper rash caused by yeast infection and your baby is over three months old you may consider the next tips how to use baby powder to battle diaper rash below.

You may need half cup of bentonite clay powder and two tablespoons of arrowroot powder, mix them up and put it in a clean spice jar with holes. Bentonite has anti-microbial agent, which is good at get rid of toxins and keeps baby bum stays dry. To use it, after you clean and dry the skin on diaper area you may sprinkle the powder lightly on affected skin when the rash is active. Once more, keep away from baby’s face to limit the chance your baby may inhale it.

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