Neck Skin Rash On Baby Treatment

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There are number of factors and conditions that can cause neck skin rash on baby. Baby’s neck is often folded as young baby cannot lift up the head on her own. Meanwhile, the skin on the folds of the skin is continues rubbing against each other and cause the rash to occur. The other factors such as too much moisture, heat and friction may also be the culprit of the rash occurrence too. But such condition may resolve as baby starts to learn how to hold up her head.Folds Of Skin Rash On Baby

The other cause of neck skin rash on baby is due to yeast infection. Yeast infection is often associated with genital thrush, but actually the fungus caused the yeast infection can live in any part of body which is moist and warm such as the folds of the neck skin. You might help your baby to get rid of the rash by keeping the area of the affected skin as dry and as clean as possible. Apply antifungal cream that has been prescribed by baby pediatrician will help the rash go away sooner.Neck Skin rash on baby is due to yeast infection

The other reason why your baby has a wet and moist fold of skin is due to hot and humid weather. Baby tends to sweat a lot when the environment is warmer than usual. The sweat may accumulate on the skin and cause heat rash to occur. You can keep your baby stay dry and free of sweat and help to heal the neck skin rash on baby by bathing with cool water. After take a bath, pat dry the skin using a soft washcloth that has been laundered with mild detergent or let it air dry to make sure the affected area is completely dry. You may help your baby to expose the neck area to air frequently to limit the chance of the skin to rub against each other.Neck Skin Rash On Baby

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