Newborn Baby Face Rash: Strawberry Hemangiomas

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Newborn baby face rash is a skin condition that occurs shortly after baby is born. Rash on babies is quite common and typically harmless. A lot of skin conditions including rash on babies will lasts only a short period of time and occasionally resolve on its own though no treatment is performed. Newborn skin conditions are a lot of kinds, including birthmarks that appear in several varieties such as hemangiomas.Newborn Baby Face Rash The Strawberry Hemangiomas On FAce

Some babies may be born with birthmarks on face or develop newborn baby face rash, that might be alarming for new parents. One of the most common varieties of birthmarks is strawberry hemangiomas. The word hemangiomas usually refer to a term to describe a numerous kinds of growths composed of blood-vessel cells. Almost 2 to 5 percent of babies especially baby girls, preemies and twins develop this kind of skin condition and they may develop more than one of hemangiomas.

Newborn baby face rash due to strawberry hemangiomas can be appear anywhere on baby’s bodNewborn Baby Face Rash, Hemangiomas On Cheeky. The most common spots are including baby’s face, scalp, chest and back. The rash may present in small, closely packed blood vessels which is red, bright and raised. They appear as soon as baby is born or several weeks after but they commonly appear within the first six weeks of baby’s life. The strawberry hemangiomas occasionally grow fast and remain in a permanent size, usually not more than 2 or 3 inches in size. Eventually through times they will stop growing, change into white, shrinking and fade away although no treatment is performed. Strawberry hemangiomas are commonly fading away when the child reaches 10 years old at age, with the common reversal process takes three to ten years in average.  Some child may have normal looking skin with a slight discoloration as the hemangiomas disappear, but others may have permanent skin changes at the spot where hemangiomas left.Non Life Threatening Skin Conditions On Newborn Baby Face Rash

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