Newborn Baby Rash You Cannot Avoid

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Newborn baby rash may give you a horrific time to see and to treat it. Fortunately, you may not alone, as almost all babies have rashes during the first year of their life and it is common. The rashes baby have may caused by different things but most of baby rashes on newborn are harmless and will eventually go away within weeks or days. Identify the rash will help you to determine what best treatment you will give to your baby.

Here are some possibilities of newborn baby rash that you need to know.

  1. Milia or small white bumps that mostly found on baby’s cheeks, chin or nose is one of the rashes you may see on newborn. This rash is typically harmless, however, you may not in whatsoever condition try to pick or pop the bumps. No special treatment needed as the rash will resolve on its own within a few weeks.Cradle Cap Is One of NEwborn Baby Rash
  2. Cradle cap. At first, it may looks scary looking your baby’s head, forehead or eyebrow covered with flaking patches dry skin. Relax, as this rash is one of the most common rashes babies have during the first year of baby’s life. The patches of the rash may appear white or yellow and mostly found on hairy spot. The rash will eventually go away for about six months, but you may help to get it away sooner by applying moisturizing ointments or oils.Milia Is One of NEwborn Baby RAsh
  3. Baby acne. Even baby has acne and it is one of the common examples of newborn baby rash. Before baby is born the mother may passes hormones to the baby. The baby who exposed to mother’s hormones may develop the baby acne. The acne may looks like teen or adult acne but do not try to pop the pimples although it looks dreaded to you. How hard to see the little ones beautiful face full of red pimples, you need not to be worried because it is harmless and will go away in few weeks.     Newborn Baby Rash Is Something You Cannot Avoid

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