Oh No, My Baby Has A Diaper Rash!

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Oh no, my baby has a diaper rash! This kind of anxiety is a commonly found when a couple has a newly born. A rash is commonly found on babies, there are several of rashes and diaper rash is one of it. Many reasons why a rash occurs, it may due to the hot and humid weather or the snugly clothing or diaper. The diaper likely triggers a diaper rash in this case.

My Baby Has A Diaper Rash, The Reddish Patchwork

When a mom says my baby has a diaper rash, it definitely not a fun and the baby will start to crying and cranky all over the time. As we know, a baby is unable to manage its own body temperature and a rash will likely appear on a humid or hot weather. When your baby get warmer in the area of underwear or diaper, it is likely to get a rash too. You can detect your baby get a diaper rash when the rash occurs on the diaper areas, just as simple as it is. Another symptoms, there are patchwork of red skins or pinkish skin and bumps especially on the bottom and areas near it. You may also find that there is excess of moisture that a diaper has, it is likely that too much moisture in the diaper is one of the cause of diaper rash.

My Baby Has A Diaper Rash, It Affects The Buttocks

Any rash will cause no fun both mother and baby, baby starts to fell itchy because the sweat glands are blocked and feel something burnt on the skin because of the inflammation which also cause red patch or pinkish skin. For the treatment of diaper rash, start to airing out baby’s bottom and maybe put a little over baby diaper creams. If the episode of my baby has a diaper rash still continues you need to visit your pediatrician and get a consult.

My Baby Has A Diaper Rash So Put Some Cream On It

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