Treatments for Securing Baby Boy Rash on Private Area

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Surely, you want to care our baby boy properly. A baby boy needs extra attention. You should consider that the skin of your baby is very fragile. Nappy rush can happen easily to your baby. Almost all babies who wear nappy will get nappy rash.  There are several treatments that you can do for securing • Read More »

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Eczema Baby Rash Treatment

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Eczema on babies may not be cured but parents can still control eczema by applying baby rash treatment. Baby tends to develop rash that look red, dry and itchy patches due to eczema. This kind of rash is obviously irritating for both baby and parents. Apply eczema treatment to soothe the rash by following below • Read More »

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All About Meningitis Rash Baby

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Meningitis rash baby is one of the symptoms baby has meningitis. Meningitis itself is a term for the inflammation of meninges, the three protective membranes that cover the brain and the spinal cord. Bacteria, viruses, fungal or any other microorganism infection is the main cause of the inflammation. However, in general meningitis has two types, • Read More »

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