Getting Closer With Baby Bottom Rash

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Baby bottom rash often occurs with certain red lines or a bunch of tiny red pimples. Although highly associated with diaper rash, behind the onset of rash on baby bottom might due to several reasons. The rash on baby bottom may also occur repeatedly and in various degree of severity. Baby bottom rash occurs as baby • Read More »

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Types And Symptoms Of Heat Rashes On Babies

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Heat rash is commonly found on babies and heat rashes on babies can be divided into different types of severity such as miliaria crystallina, miliaria rubra and miliaria profunda. All the types have the same causes, which is the pores are clogged and the sweat cannot get out. By identifying what type of heat rashes, • Read More »

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Categories Of What Causes Baby Diaper Rash

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Parents are always concern what causes baby diaper rash and why the diaper rash occurs although they have performed diaper rash treatment. Diaper rash can be categorized into several causes, such as contact dermatitis or irritant, skin infections, allergic reactions, other causes. The most common cause of baby diaper rash is due to irritant or • Read More »

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