Why Do Babies Get Diaper Rash: Common Conditions

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Why do babies get diaper rash is often associated with a repeated and prolonged exposure of baby’s skin under diaper with wet and dirty diaper. Baby is susceptible and will be still susceptible to develop the rash if baby wears diaper. In addition there are certain conditions that repeatedly consider as the big contributors for • Read More »

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How To Prevent Acne Baby Face Rashes

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Acne baby face rashes are commonly unpreventable, but as a concern parents you can prevent the rash getting worse through several steps. Performing hygienic standards is the basic prevention you can do to stop a further spread. Baby acne as well as the other acne found on adults and teen may appear as bumpy rash, • Read More »

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Baby Neck Rash Treatment Option

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As new parents you may worried to your baby neck rash and busy looking for baby neck rash treatment. Baby neck rash may occur as several factors such as heat rash, intertrigo, eczema, sixth disease or stork bite. The neck rash on baby can cause itchiness and inflammation on the affected areas. To soothe and • Read More »

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