Possibilities Of Red Rash On Baby Face

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Red rash on baby face is frightening for new parents although actually most of babies experienced to have rash on face one or two during the first year of his life. Red rash sometimes accompanied with bumps spotted on baby delicate and smooth skin of face although deemed to be unsightly blemish is commonly benign and will likely to resolve on its own within days.Possibilities Of Red Rash On Baby Face By Erythema Toxicum Neonatorum

Red rash on baby face may occur as early as days after baby and often addressed as erythema toxicum neonatorum. Baby face will likely to develop pustules that surrounded by red blotches. The rash also found on baby tummy, back and extremities. Although this unsightly blemish is hard to see, the rash is not a life threatening condition and will eventually fade away within a week or two.Possibilities Of Red Rash On Baby Face By Neonatal Acne

Red rash on baby face that occurs as patches of red, pimples like lesions is the symptoms of neonatal acne. Neonatal acne is a response by oil glands to maternal or baby hormones and it is unpreventable no matter prevention you apply. At least 20 percent of all babies will have this kind of rash. Despite the unpleasant look, the rash need no special treatment as the hormones settle down in two to four months, the rash will fade away on its own.Possibilities Of Red Rash On Baby Face By Psoriasis

You need to be alert with red rash due to dermatological conditions such as rash and lesions caused by yeast, staph infections, herpes simplex and psoriasis. If your baby has red, bumpy rash on the face along with rash at any other parts of the body, the rash may due to viral infections and need a doctor consultation. You need also be alert if the rash on face is associated with high fever, is oozing or blistering too along with baby looks very uncomfortable and refuses feeding. All the associated symptoms indicate something serious, need professional treatment and doctor’s reassurance.

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