How To Prevent Baby Rash Under Neck

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Baby rash under neck is one of the rashes that commonly found on baby. As baby has not yet developed the immune system completely, baby is susceptible to get rash during the first year of his/her life. There are different causes of the rash found on baby’s neck such as fungal infection, skin irritation, moisture or hot, humid environment.To Prevent Baby Rash Under Neck

How to prevent baby rash under neck not getting worse is simply to treat the rash first. A fungal infection rash requires doctor’s diagnosis and then doctor will prescribe a type of medication to treat the rash. Some people treat heat rash on baby’s neck, although the usage is still debatable, by using cornstarch. Yet you may avoid the face area so baby will not inhale the powder. The rash under the neck although not often is treated with less bathing and apply mild lotion. In serious cases, a prescribed steroid cream may be needed. Use a petroleum jelly or baby oil before bath time will help to loosen the eventually will remove the scaly skin due to cradle cap on baby’s neck.Baby Rash Under Neck That Cannot Be Prevented

When you want to perform how to prevent baby rash under neck, you need to identify what kind of rash that can be prevented and cannot be prevented. The example of rash under the neck that cannot be prevented whatever efforts you take is stork bites and neonatal acne. The rashes such as heat rash might be prevented by staying cool and dry. Staying in the shade or air-conditioning room will help baby to stay cool. Changing wet and spoiled clothes and dress baby in dry, loosely clothing to help you prevent heat rash occurs on baby too. Wipe off the drool that goes down on the neck or wearing baby bibs will help you to prevent any drool rash. If the rash is persistent and even joined with other symptoms such as fever, cough or lethargic you need to see doctor.Baby Rash Under Neck Is Prevented By USing Bib

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