What Does Prickly Rash On Baby Look Like

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Prickly rash on baby may refer to prickly heat. Prickly heat is rash that occurs on baby because baby’s immature sweat glands are easy to becoming blocked. The rash is much more common found on newborn but fortunately, it will go away soon. Prickly heat is occasionally occurs when baby is exposed to hot or humid weather or environment, having sweat problems, who lies on bed for a long time, or baby is wearing too many clothes or heavy clothes.Prickly Rash On Baby May Due To Too Many Clothes On

There are two types of prickly rash on baby caused by prickly heat. The first is miliaria crystallina or often called miliaria sudamina and Miliaria rubra.Prickly Rash On Baby By Miliaria crystallina

Miliaria crystallina or miliaria sudamina is developed when the sweat ducts’ obstruction is happened near to the surface of the skin. The rash in this type will appear as small clear spots. You can see it like there are beads of sweat spotted in area of skin. The rash will likely go away on its own within hours or days and it is totally harmless since the rash does not cause an itchy sensation or less itchier.Prickly Rash On Baby By Miliaria Rubra

The second type of prickly heat or heat rash is miliaria rubra. Miliaria rubra is what people would call as heat rash. This is the common type of miliaria. Miliaria rubra will occur when the sweat ducts obstruction is happened at a deeper part of the outer layer of the skin or at epidermis. As result there are lots of small red bumpy spots or tiny papules occur. The spots of the rash resemble tiny blisters and group of spots occasionally appear in different part of baby body. Unlike the previous miliaria, this kind of miliaria gives itchy sensation and even an intense prickling sensation. Intense redness is also found in some areas of skin. The rash will go after a few days or if the source of the heat is gone or the baby stops sweating.

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