Rash On Baby Private Area, Is It Normal?

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A rash is a common thing found on baby but what about rash on baby private area, is it normal for a baby boy to have rash on his private area? Rash may strike both baby boy and baby girl. When you have a baby boy has a rash on his private area, it is likely that he has a yeast infection. Many people think that yeast infection is woman thing, but the truth is yeast or fungus can live in any warm and wet place.

Rash On Baby Penis Need A Lot Of Diaper Change

There are at least three factors why rash on baby private area or yeast infection or candidiasis strikes the genital area. The first one is the hot and humid weather that makes the diaper or underwear warmer than usual; this warm place is the best place where yeast can live. Secondly, baby takes on antibiotics or breastfed baby that his mother takes on antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill the good bacteria that control the growth of yeast. With the good bacteria killed, the yeast grows out of control and as the result baby has rash. Diaper is the third reason why a baby boy has rash on his private area. Change the dirty diaper immediately or the diaper become moist and warm. This warm place makes yeast grow abundantly.

Prevent Rash On Baby Penis By Keeping The Genital Area Dry

You may identify rash on baby private area from the rash on his genital area, buttocks or thighs. Identify the look and the color of the rash, the rash might placed on the underside of the private area and it looks scaly and red. The private area will start to feel burning and itchy especially around the tip of the private area. Some cases, the head of the private area is sore and the private area is dry and cracked too. When the skin around the private area more and more irritated you might find a tiny blister on it. This blister may leak blood, pus or other fluid.

Severe Rash On Baby Penis Is Accompanied By Blister

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