Rash In Babies Face Due To Port-Wine Stain

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Rash in babies face can be a sign of certain skin condition. They might be serious or not depends on the causes. The rash in babies face caused by port wine stain for example may be categorized as a non-life threatening rash that may clear up on its own. The port-wine stain is a skin condition where birthmark appears as a malformation of capillaries or small blood vessels. The rash comes in a number of colors, range from light pink to a dark red color. The rash is often identified as flat, patches of skin. The rash is often changing in color or becoming darker and growing along with the baby. Unfortunately, the rash will never improve on its own like the others common rash on baby’s face.Rash In Babies Face Due To Port-Wine Stain, Cannot Resolve

Rash in babies face due to port-wine stain does not give itchy sensation nor pain. The rash should need further examination and identification by professional as the rash is little bit hard to tell the difference between port-wine stain rash and other birthmarks. The rash may occur as baby is born and may change in the appearance as baby gets older. There is only 1 in 1,000 babies that born with port-wine stain. It is little information about the chances of parents who have port-wine stains passes the gene to their babies, at this time the skin condition is not associated with genetic tendency.Rash In Babies Face Due To Port-Wine Stain On Cheek

The rash in babies face due to port-wine stain does not require any treatment thus just treat it like the rest of the skin. The rash may darken and expand as baby gets older and grow. Just perform any treatment as usual like washing the skin with gentle cleansing and moisturizer that suitable for baby’s delicate skin. However, when you find the rash of the affected skin bleeds or cracking or any worrisome problems, go to doctor immediately.Rash In Babies Face Due To Port-Wine Stain, Requires No Treatment

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