Rash On A baby Caused By Celiac Disease

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Rash on a baby can causes by numerous of causes and allergy is one of it. Allergic reaction occurs as body overreacts towards certain substance called allergen. The manifestations of allergen are varied including environment, chemicals substances, or foods. As baby starts solid food baby may develop rash due to certain food. Dermatitis herpetiformis may cause the rash to occur.Rash On A baby Caused By Celiac Disease On The FAce

Dermatitis herpetiformis occurs when baby has celiac disease or a kind of allergy or intolerance to gluten which is highly found on foods such as whey, rye, barley, and oats. When a baby has gluten intolerance or sensitivity, another member of the family may show the same problem as the sensitivity to gluten is occasionally genetic and runs in the families.Rash On A baby Caused By Lactose Intolerance

As baby with celiac disease has diet contains gluten, the antibodies will fight off gluten and damage the villi structures in the intestine, place where body should absorbs nutrients and vitamins. It continues as there is formation of structures as IgA in contact with gluten and entering bloodstream. The structures make small blood vessels clogged, occasionally the vessels in the skin and attracted white blood cells. The white blood cells then, produces chemicals substance called complement. This complement can cause itchy, blistery, burning skin rash on a baby.Rash On A baby Caused By Milk Allergy

Baby that has celiac disease is usually develop rash on lower back, elbows, knees, buttocks, back of the neck, scalp and shoulders. The rash caused by this disease is the itchiest kind of rashes and occur in the same size and shape.

Before rash on baby caused by celiac disease occurs, usually you may feel the area that the rash will occur burn or itch followed with the formation of pimple-like bumps filled with liquid. The bumps occasionally resolve within a few days but leave mark in purple that continues for weeks and then new bumps reoccur and the old ones resolve and last for years.

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