Rash On Baby Face Due To Cold Weather

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For babies who live in cold weather place, babies are prone to develop rash on baby face due to cold exposure. Although rash on baby might be triggered by viruses, illnesses and irritants exposure but when temperature and elements of cold weather is beyond normal, facial rash on baby might occur.Rash On Baby Face Due To Cold Weather

What causes the rash on baby face due to cold weather occurs are varied. When baby drools, or licks the lips or has a runny nose that strong enough to break down the outer layer of baby’s skin, the facial rash may occur. The rash occasionally occurs especially when the face is exposed to cold and windy air. Another cause of facial rash during cold weather is baby is experiencing facial skin chap from cold weather, wind or the friction from baby’s scarf or coat. The other cause is frostnip, a skin condition due to freezing which is less severe than frostbite, that baby might develop sueto cold temperatures exposure. Heat rash might also can cause the rash occur on face since baby is wrapped up and experiences over heated.Rash On Baby Face Due To Cold Weather And Windy

The rash on baby face due to cold weather can be seen on baby’s cheeks, forehead, nose, and scalp. The rash might occur on other parts of the body such as baby’s stomach, arms, chest, and back. The cold weather may not causes rash only, but also other symptoms such as a fever, cold-like symptoms and aches on the muscles.Rash On Baby Face During Cold Weather

Help your baby to heal and relieve the rash by wash baby’s face with lukewarm water. The affected area will be moisturized and soothed. Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly, calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream as approved by doctor will also can help to heal the rash. Baby moisturizer as well as the cream will soothe itching and redness caused by the rash.

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