Rash On Baby Stomach Identification

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Rash on baby stomach can be a sign of many different things. The rash found on baby stomach might be no big deal as heat rash that will eventually fade away, but it might due to a serious problem such as scarlet fever. To treat the rash on stomach you need to identifywhat the causes of rash. Some minor rashes can be treated with simple medicine found on your cabinet or with doctor’s help.Rash On Baby Stomach Due To Hives

To identify rash on baby stomach, at first you need examine the size, texture, and rash development. The commonly found rash on stomach is chicken pox. The rash will appear as small, red pimples or resembles an insect bites and turns into watery blisters that eventually will crust over and reappear again. The other example of rash that found on stomach is due to scarlet fever. You will find your baby chest and stomach develops tiny red bumps that resemble sandpaper when you touch it, this rash will spread to other parts of body just like sunburn. Measles, chicken pox and scarlet fever may need medical treatment, meanwhile you can keep your baby away from other children and you need to go to pediatrician immediately.Rash On Baby Stomach Due To Scarlet Fever

Rash on baby stomach may also due to hives. The rash will appear as red welts and found in one spot at first but then will soon move to another spot just in a few hours. Hives might be found on stomach but soon it will spread to all over the body. If your baby has eczema, your baby may develop dry, scaly red patches which gives itch sensation on the skin. To ease your baby from the itch sensation, you can apply hydrocortisone lotion or calamine lotion. Another attempt is giving your baby a lukewarm bath in oatmeal or holds a compress to affected skin.Rash-On-Baby-Stomach-Due-To-Eczema

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