Red Itchy Bumps Baby Rash All Over Body

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Baby rash all over body is clearly a troublesome for most new parents. The rash may cause baby to fuss as it occasionally gives itchy sensation. The rash all over the body usually appears as red, bumpy rash. There are several common causes that cause the red, bumpy and itchy rash all over body including chickenpox, measles, insect bites and any others.
Chickenpox is the most common cause of baby rash all over body. It is a highly contagious disease that makes the formation of red, itchy bumps spotted on entire body of baby or children and firstly appears as red, itchy rash found on baby’s back and face. The rash is a kind of viral infection started with mild fever and headache. The infection caused by the disease will soon spread in a day or two that cause entire body covered with pimples.Red Itchy Bumps Baby Rash All Over Body Due To Measles
The next common cause of red, itchy bumps baby rash all over body is measles. The rash is also caused by certain virus that penetrates human respiratory system. The rash is initially comes into existence on the baby’s face, and then gradually occurs on other parts of body such as the back, chest, arms and legs. Baby with measles is occasionally experience a great discomfort since the rash may be associated with sore throat and stubborn cough.Red Itchy Bumps Baby Rash All Over Body Due To Chickenpox
Baby tends to develop rash as baby is sensitive to certain substance or chemicals such as insect bites. Baby who is allergic to insect bites may develop a small, red, itchy bumps occur on entire baby’s body. Insects that commonly bites human such as fleas, mosquitos, and bed bug bites are highly associated with allergic reaction that form itchy bumps on skin. Although not all insect may not cause the widespread od itchy rash but baby who is sensitive to insect bites may get the contrary reaction.Red Itchy Bumps Baby Rash All Over Body Due To Insects Bites

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