Ringworm Rash On Babies Face

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Rash on babies face might look awful and worrisome for new parents. A lot of factors can cause the unsightly blemish to occur, one among uncommon cause is ringworm or so called tinea faciei. Tinea faciei or popular as ringworm on face is a fungal infection caused by fungus from the Trichophyton family. The fungus is hugely found in the soil as the fungus natural habit. Although the name is ringworm but the skin infection has nothing to do with any worm.Ringworm Rash On Babies Face, Cheek And Chin

This fungal infection rash on babies face is often identified as dry, red, and elevated. The rash might also has scaly lesions that turns into bigger circular shape. The rash may give the itchy sensation and cause baby irresistibly scratching the rash. The scratching makes the rash spreads further to other part of body. This rash is resembles to atopic dermatitis or eczema since has the same appearance such as itchy and red rash found on face.Ringworm Rash On Babies Face Has Nothing To Do With Worm

The rash on babies face due to tinea faciei is commonly found on baby’s cheeks, nose, around the eye, chin and forehead. Ringworm found on baby’s face is occasionally appears as pink-to-red, scaly patches that which is various in size that range from 1-5 cm. You might find that the outer part of the affected skin is raised and sometimes you might found blister, bumps and scabs. The central point of the rash might be clear and form a shape like a ring and worm. The baby is likely feel so much uncomfortable having this kind of rash since the rash cause itchy that may become itchier or feel like the skin is burnt due to much sun exposure.Ringworm Rash On Babies Face found on Cheeks

Since the rash is contagious, you might need to avoid touch the affected skin directly or keep away baby for a while from other children to limit the spread of the infection. The rash may also spread through pet that has the infection too.

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