Several Causes Of Rash On Baby Neck

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Finding rash on baby neck might be a horror if you are a new mom. Rash on babies are common and there are several causes of rash on neck. Some of the rash might be painful, inflamed and itchy. Although some of rash may go away on its own within a week or two, other rashes can be very persistent if they are not well treated.

Identifying the causes of rash on baby neck will lead you do the best treatment for your baby. Here are some possibilities of rash found on neck:

Rash On Baby NEck due To Intertigo

The first possibility of rash found on neck is caused by intertrigo. Intertrigo is one of rash that commonly found on babies. If your baby has chubby neck caused by a fat folds, your baby is susceptible to get this rash. The rash occurs when the folds of the skin rub against each other and creates some inflammation. The rash will last until baby learns how to hold up it skull and the skin starts to unfolds on its own.

The second possibility rash on baby neck is due to yeast infection. Yeast is likely to live in a warm, moist place and the folds of the skin on baby’s neck provides a good and suitable environment for fungal or yeast infection to thrive in.

Heat rashes may be the next possibility why you find rash on baby’s neck. Hot and humid weather trigger to make skin warmer than usual. The warm skin will develop tiny red bumps on the skin and the secretion spotted on the folds of the neck will cause heat bumps on the skin and sometime prickly.

Rash On Baby Neck Caused By Heat Rash

Moisture that caused by milk drops on the folds of the neck can cause rash too. A bleeding might be occur if milk is getting on the inflamed skin as the result of the untreated or improper care towards rash.

RAsh On Baby NEck Is Also Due To Moisture Like Milk

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