Simple Baby Diaper Rash Treatment

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You may need baby diaper rash treatment when your baby has diaper rash. Diaper rash is a skin around diaper’s area condition that looks darker than the surrounding. This kind of rash on buttock is identified as a tiny bumps or spots, reddish or pinkish and some time when the affected skin is extremely irritated there are blisters or broken skin. Although this blemish looks awful, most of diaper rash case on baby is benign and can be treated straightforwardly.

Simple Baby Diaper Rash Treatment, Change Diaper Frequently

To start baby diaper rash treatment, you need to make sure you have reduced the amount time the buttocks are exposed to source of irritants. In general, to treat the rash means prevents the rash going severe.Simple Baby Diaper Rash Treatment, Let Baby Go Without Diaper

First step you need to do is changing diapers frequently and once the diapers wet or dirty you need to change it immediately. When diaper changing time, avoid rubbing the skin as it will damage the tender skin, just try to gently clean the area of the skin. Gently pat-dry the skin uses a clean, soft towel which has been laundered with mild detergent to prevent any rash that might occur caused by harsh detergent. Air-dry the skin or let your baby go without diaper for about 5 to 10 minutes every 3-4 diaper change times will be much better to help the rash resolve on its own. You may need to apply protective diaper rash cream with baby pediatrician’s permission as baby diaper rash treatment before you put the new fresh diaper. Do not forget to always wash hands after you or the care taker changing your baby’s diaper.Simple Baby Diaper Rash Treatment, Apply Zinc Oxide Based Cream

Baby diaper cream that contains zinc oxide is effective to keep baby skin away from dampness; you may need to apply it when baby rash on buttocks is mild. Apply the cream every time diaper change time and before you put the new diaper, let the cream dry first.

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