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Baby Butt Rash Care

February 27, 2015 | By admin | No Comments | Filed in: Rash Treatment.

Baby butt rash is one of the most common rashes found on babies. The causes of butt rash on baby are varied, however to prevent the rash to come might not a troublesome. The most important thing to remember is always keep the butt dry and clean. Keep butt area always clean is the first • Read More »

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Baby Itchy Rash On Butt

February 26, 2015 | By admin | No Comments | Filed in: Rash Knowledge.

Baby itchy rash is might be a sign of numerous of skin condition. Rash is commonly found on baby especially during the first year of baby’s life. Baby immature immune system also add the risk baby develop rash. The most common rash that found on baby is rash on baby butt. Rash on baby butt • Read More »

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Various Baby Butt Rashes

January 30, 2015 | By admin | No Comments | Filed in: Rash Types.

Baby butt rashes may occur due to various things. Since baby has not yet developed the immune system completely that rashes may occur as a reaction towards irritants, environmental factors, bacteria, allergen, infection and many other. Most of baby will have at least one kind of rash during the first year of life and it • Read More »

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