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Face Rash On Baby Due to Angioedema

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Face rash on baby might occur caused by several skin conditions such as angioedema. What is angioedema? Angioedema or also known as Quincke’s edema is a condition which spotted on the deep layers of skin such as dermis, subcutaneous tissue, mucosa and a submucosal tissue where there is a rapid edema occurs. Angioedema is highly • Read More »

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Ringworm Rash On Babies Face

March 8, 2015 | By admin | No Comments | Filed in: Rash Types.

Rash on babies face might look awful and worrisome for new parents. A lot of factors can cause the unsightly blemish to occur, one among uncommon cause is ringworm or so called tinea faciei. Tinea faciei or popular as ringworm on face is a fungal infection caused by fungus from the Trichophyton family. The fungus • Read More »

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Rash On Baby Face Due To Cold Weather

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For babies who live in cold weather place, babies are prone to develop rash on baby face due to cold exposure. Although rash on baby might be triggered by viruses, illnesses and irritants exposure but when temperature and elements of cold weather is beyond normal, facial rash on baby might occur. What causes the rash • Read More »

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