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Baby Rashes On Legs Caused By Virus

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The causes of baby rashes on legs are various. Among the causes there are types of less common causes of rash on baby’s legs such as hand, foot and mouth disease and molluscum contagiosum. Both of the rashes are caused by virus. Hand, foot and mouth disease is caused by cocksackie virus that causes baby • Read More »

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Baby Rash On Legs: What Are The Causes?

January 31, 2015 | By admin | No Comments | Filed in: Rash Knowledge.

Baby rash on legs and on any other parts of baby’s body may look dreadful to parents. Yet, during baby’s life, it is common to see one or two rashes as any other babies may experience the same thing. Most rashes are actually harmless and with symptomatic treatments such as giving home remedies or over-the-counter • Read More »

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