Tested And Recommended Treatment For Heat Rash In Babies

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Heat rash in babies as any other rash on baby body may give new parents a hard time for the time being. Treating heat rash immediately is prominent since fail to do so make the rash get worse and may lead to another problem such as severe skin infections. Skin rash due to heat rash may give itchy sensation as skin produces more sweat the papules is getting more infected.

To treat heat rash in babies here are several of tested and recommended heat rash you might want to consider:Treating Heat Rash In Babies, Go To Air conditioned Room

As heat rash is mostly due to hot and humid environment, the simplest way and the quickest way is moving baby to a cooler environment as soon as possible. Go to shaded place or air-conditioning room or near a fan.

Secondly, having a cool water bath is also an effective home remedy to get rid of heat rash. a cool water bath added with some baking soda, Epsom salts or oatmeal will help to soothe the pain or relieve inflammation.

To treat heat rash in babies that stings and painful, you can apply aloe gel, chamomile contained ointments or calamine lotions.Aloe Vera For Treating Heat Rash In Babies

The other recommended way to treat heat rash is to make a sort of compress that consists of herbs boiled such as lavender, rosemary and comfrey. You can also add almond oil to the compress. This gentle herbal compress is meant to soothe redness, pain and itchiness. You can also opt for herbal preparations that might available in health food stores such as myrrh, Calendula and Goldenseal tinctures. The product will help to heal the rash faster.Treating Heat Rash In Babies, Lavender Compresses

When a baby has started solid food, you can give her a diet that rich in Vitamin C and E and Zinc. This diet is good to treat all kinds of problems related to skin. Foods such as water melon, Aloe vera juice and cucumber are the example of the diet.

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