Tips To Get Rid Of Allergic Reaction Rash Baby

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Allergic reaction rash baby can occur as baby body that has immature immune system is in contact with the allergen. The most common allergen that baby might sensitive to including particular foods, detergents, fragrances, medication and many more. The rash due to allergic reaction might occur within 48 hours after baby is in contact with the allergen.

In the future, allergic reaction rash baby can be prevented by avoiding the source of allergen once the allergen is detected. When the rash due to allergic reaction breaks, you can perform the tips to get rid of the rash below:

Tips To Get Rid Of Allergic Reaction Rash Baby, Launder Clothes With Mild Detergents

The first step to stop the rash is identifying the causes of the rash. If the rash caused by harsh detergents or soaps you can bath your baby using mild soap and launder baby clothes with mild detergents. Stop offering foods that baby sensitive to for the time being is also help to prevent rash getting worse.

Tips To Get Rid Of Allergic Reaction Rash Baby, USe Mild Soap;

The next step to get rid of allergic reaction rash baby is soothing the rash. You can apply cold compresses to affected skin area of the rash. Meanwhile you can watch the progress of the rash and pay attention to any following signs or distress. For example is runny nose, watery eyes or breathing difficulties. Most of allergic reaction will soon resolve on its own once the exposure of the allergen is removed.Tips To Get Rid Of Allergic Reaction Rash Baby Applying hydrocortisone Cream

To get rid of the rash, you may apply hydrocortisone cream after having consultation with baby pediatrician. Hydrocortisone cream is effective to reduce inflammation or any discomfort such as itchiness. This mild steroid cream other than soothe the itchiness or the symptoms of allergy, it may act as over-the-counter allergy medication.

However, when the allergic reaction may get worse such as causing breathing difficulties, you need to consult with doctor immediately. In addition, however the prevention to minimize the exposure of allergen has been performed and your baby still has the rash, your baby might have the rash due to other causes and you need to consult with a doctor.

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