Tips How To Treat Baby Rash On Face

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Tips of how to treat baby rash on face are available in various ways. Rashes on baby including baby rash on face are very common during the first year of baby’s life since the immune system of baby is still maturing. The rash on baby’s face may caused by maternal hormonal and environmental irritants such as eczema, milia, cradle cap, and baby acne. Fortunately, the rash occasionallyresolves on its own within weeks.How To Treat Baby Rash On Face Caused By Allergy

However, when your baby shows discomfort, pain and you have a doctor recommendation you may perform how to treat baby rash on face. Here is remedy that you can apply at home:Tips How To Treat Baby Rash On Face

  • First step, you can apply a mild healing ointment such as lanolin to treat diaper rash or sore nipples, once or twice every day on baby’s face. This kind of ointment is mild, relieving, and hydrating baby’s skin.
  • To apply the ointment you can use cotton swab to prevent any contamination of product and skin. Apply a little bit of ointment and rub it evenly on the affected skin of baby’s face. A thin layer of ointment is enough so it prevents baby to rub the excessive ointment into baby’s eyes or mouth.Avoid Eyes And Mouth When Performing How To Treat Baby Rash On FAce
  • How to treat baby rash on face continues with avoiding any direct contact with the affected skin area otherwise the contact make the rash even worse. If your baby tends to touch the area where the rash presents, you can cover the affected area loosely with a bandage. Minimize the use of bandage only of it is necessary since air exposure is the best way to help healing the rash.
  • Do not forget always to monitor the progress of the rash. If you find any suspicious thing such as skin infections, spreading rash, skin breaks, warmth, pus filled bumps, fever or fever with blister, redness you need to call pediatrician. You may need a further professional medication.

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