How To Treat Baby Rash Due To Diaper Rash: The Do

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Baby rash is commonly found on babies and how to treat baby rash due to diaper rash is quite straightforward. Both babies and toddlers are at risk to get diaper rash as they wear diaper. It is due to contact between skin and diaper that contains moisture, bacteria, and ammonia. Some cases of diaper rash is due to rubbing from the diaper. Treat the baby rash by following the do and don’ts bellow.

How To Treat Baby Rash Due To Diaper Rash

You need to do these steps to perform how to treat baby rash due to diaper rash:

How To Treat Baby Rash, Sit Baby In The Bath

  • Frequently change baby’s diaper. It means as soon as baby urinates or passes stool go change diaper. Try to keep the diaper area dry and clean by checking every hour during the day and at least once during the night.
  • Clean the diaper area gently. In every diaper change, you can use water or soft cloth to clean the diaper area. Wash the diaper area thoroughly including the skin folds. Another option, you can sit your baby in the basin or tub of lukewarm water in few minutes in every diaper change session. If the rash is bad, try to pour warm water from a squirt bottle or a pitcher. If you need soap to clean the sticky stool, use a mild soap to wash and rinse it gently after it.
  • More on how to treat baby rash is how to dry out baby’s diaper area skin. Pat your baby’s skin dry or let it air-dry instead. You can pat dry your baby’s skin using soft cloth or a paper towel. Leave your baby without diaper so it gives the skin opportunity open to the air more.
  • When you put on the diaper to your baby, put it on loosely. It means to let enough air circulates around diaper area and minimize the rubbing that will irritate baby waist or thighs. Absorbent diaper is advantageous to help the skin stays dry and decrease the chances of skin getting an infection. How To Treat Baby Rash, Use Superabsorbant Diaper

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