How To Treat Baby Rash On Neck

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Baby rash on neck and any other parts of body may occur during the first year of baby’s life. Rashes found on baby are typically harmless and eventually will go away. However, if the rash accompanied by other symptoms that life threatening or any suspicious infection, you need to see pediatrician. That is why identifying and recognizing how to treat the rash on neck is prominent.

How To Treat Baby Rash On Neck By Giving Cornstarch Powder

Baby rash on neck is usually caused by heat rash and neonatal acne occurs as red, raised pimples on the skin. Most of the time, the rashes will resolve on its own in a few weeks. Some people treat prickly heat with cornstarch-based-baby powder. However, cornstarch may harmful if it is inhaled, so you need very careful to apply it to your baby.

Baby Rash On NEck due To Heat Rash Appearance

Other causes of baby rash on neck are due to eczema, it appears as red, scaly skin. You can treat the rash on this neck with less bathing and apply mild lotion. In severe cases, the rash may need steroid cream that baby pediatrician will prescribe it for you.

How To Treat Baby Rash On Neck By Steroid Cream

Cradle cap may found on neck although it is frequently seen on baby’s head and forehead. It appears red and there is flaking skin sometimes. The treatment for this rash is quite simple, just apply a little over baby oil or petroleum jelly on the affected skin before bathing to loosen and remove the flaking skin.

The other conditions such as salmon patch or stork bite is a rash found on blood vessels near the outer layer of the skin and will go away on its own within weeks. The stork bite or neonatal acne cannot be prevented although you perform any preventative measures. Meanwhile, the rash due to heat rash around the neck may be prevented by keeping your baby stays cool and dry. Dress baby loosely and change once it is wet or soiled. Bibs are also helpful to prevent any drool goes down to neck.

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