How To Treat Heat Rash In Babies Easily

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Heat rash is one of the rashes commonly found on babies and how to treat heat rash is typically straightforward and easy. Heat rash occurs when sweat glands blocked due to hot or humid weather or overdressing. Baby has smaller pores compared to adult that is why they tend to sweat easily. When baby sweats a lot the sweat blocked the pores and make the skin wet. The wet warm skin is the best place where the bad bacteria and yeast live. It is important to know how to treat and prevent the heat rash so it will not get severe though common heat rash will go on its own in a few days.

How To Treat Heat Rash In Babies, Use Plain Water

You need to know what is the main factor your baby has heat rash. As you know the main problem, you will know how to treat heat rash in babies easily. Here are some of the easy treatments to manage the heat rash. First, if your baby has heat rash due to hot or humid weather you need to stay at shade or an air conditioning room. It makes the air regulates easily and prevent the sweat glands produce excessive sweat. You may to start to loose or remove baby’s clothing. The snugly and too tight clothing is one of the reason why baby sweat excessively.

How To Treat Heat Rash In Babies, Remove All Clothes

You may help the baby by cool it down with cool water but it is better for baby’s skin to have an air-dry. For the meantime, you may stop using lotions or powder applied on your baby’s skin. The usage of lotions, cream or powder may irritate the skin and make the heat rash worsen. Another how to treat heat rash in babies tips is making sure you are not wearing the baby with too tight diaper. Even the most absorbent diaper may contain moist and leave the baby’s skin wet. Leave at least ten minutes for baby not to wear diaper and wear the loose and comfort clothes during hot weather.

How To Treat Heat Rash In Babies, Let The Skin Air-Dried

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