How To Treat Heat Rash On Baby Effectively

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Heat rash may not fun but how to treat heat rash on baby is not difficult too. Heat rash or also known as prickly heat is a kind of skin condition that commonly found in babies where the skin looks pinkish or red with small bumps. The condition occurs because the little pores of sweat glands of babies are blocked by excessive sweat. The rash is occasionally found on baby’s face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and in folds of the skin. When you spot any prickles or bumps with rash around those area, try to perform the treatment below.

Here are tips how to treat rash on baby and you may need to prepare things such as cool water, soft washcloth that been laundered with mild detergent, and hydrocortisone cream (optional).

How To Treat Heat Rash On Baby Effectively By Using hydrocortisone cream

  • The first step to treat the rash is taking baby out of the heat source. Bring baby to a shaded area or in a room with fan or air conditioner.
  • Second step, take any heavy clothing or remove all the clothes so the skin will be exposed to fresh air. If baby wears diaper, loosen up a bit or remove the diaper.How To Treat Heat Rash On Baby Thoroughly Clean Baby's Skin With Cool Water
  • Next step, you can use the soft washcloth and soak it in the cool water. Dab the rash gently and thoroughly, pay more attention to folds of the skin. Pat dries the skin with another soft washcloth or let it air-dried. The cool water will effective to eliminate the irritation and itchy sensation the rash can cause.How To Treat Heat Rash On Baby By separating skin creases
  • It will be necessary to let the affected skin area to get fresh air. The creases such as armpit or behind the knee are also prone to get heat rash. You need to make sure the skin is separated so the affected area is completely dry.
  • As the cream may makes skin swelling and itchy, if it is necessary, you can apply hydrocortisone cream that already approved by your baby pediatrician. The cream will reduce the itchiness and any swelling.

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