To Treat And Prevent Baby Rash Under Chin

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Baby rash under chin as any other rashes may occurs as result of several different factors. An allergic reaction, environment, food, chemicals all are possible to cause rash under baby’s chin. Among all the causes, baby’s drool is the most common cause the rash occurs under the chin. Baby may produce saliva excessively once baby starts teething. The over produced saliva cause the rash raised and red under the chin, around the mouth and when your baby drools more than usual the rash may occur on baby’s neck.To Treat And Prevent Baby Rash Under Chin By Wash Off the drool

You should not worry to find baby rash under chin or any other part of baby’s body, the rash often harmless and treatable. To treat baby rash due to drool rash you can start with keeping baby always clean and dry. Use warm water to clean and tap dry the drool with a clean, soft washcloth may help you to absorb the excessive drool and will not irritate the irritated skin. Avoid rubbing the irritated skin as it may make the irritated skin getting worse. Clean the affected skin gently and thoroughly especially the folds of the skin.

To Prevent Baby Rash Under Chin By USing Bib

Some babies are given a protective lotion such as hypoallergenic cream or ointment with lanolin as a drool rash treatment. The cream is meant to give a barrier between the skin and drool. However, when you opt for this option you need to be careful to apply it around the face and mouth, choose the best product that is safe enough to be applied on those areas.

Baby RAsh Under Chin Is Treated With Lanolin cream

To prevent any baby rash under chin in further, you can place a soft absorbent cloth under baby’s sheet when baby is sleeping. The excessive drool may soak the sheets and any rubbing will only intensify the rash. You can place bib under the neck to protect the neck and the chest from the drool during the day or change the cloth frequently once it is soaking wet.

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