Treating Baby Rash Under Chin Allergy

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Baby’s’ skin can easily get rash. If you do not care your baby well, his skin will get rash easily. There are many factors that can cause rash on baby’s skin. One of the factors is allergy. The allergy can be caused by the weather or food. You should really know the condition of your baby so you can prevent him from the bad thing. Even with good caring, sometimes he still get rash. If your baby get rash under his chin, you can do several simple treatments before taking him to the doctor. Baby rash under chin allergy is not too injurious. But, you need to do some treatments to make it heal sooner.

  1. Bathe you baby with clean water. You can use warm water to less the hurt. You do not need to use soap. But, if you want to use soap so should ensure that it is unscented and mild. You should rinse cleanly to avoid skin irritation.
  2. Gently pat your baby’s body with smooth towel after bathing. Choose the fabric that is safe for your baby’s skin. Some kinds of fabric sometimes can cause irritation to your baby’s skin.
  3. You need to remove your jewelry that may scrape your baby’s skin. You should hold your baby safely.
  4. Use clean water to clean his face, chin, mouth, and ears regularly. Cleaning his face will remove the dirt that can make the rash worse.
  5. Always clean his mouth and chin after eating something.
  6. Make sure that the affected skin is always dry. Less moisture will help to cure the rash faster.
  7. At hot day, you need to turn on your air conditioner to make the room cooler. Cooler temperature will decrease the moisture on your baby’s skin.
  8. Take your baby to the doctor if you have done the treatments but the rash getting worse.

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