Treating Baby Skin Rash Due To Eczema

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Baby skin rash due to eczema may appear as dry, red patches or red bumps that blister and ooze of skin that can be very itchy, irritating and cause a great amount of discomfort to your baby. There is little information about what the exact cause of eczema on babies but eczema may be hereditary especially if the family members are prone to develop asthma or allergies.

Eczema may resemble to other skin condition such as food allergies that found on baby’s face. Your baby needs to go through further examination to make sure that your baby suffers from eczema. Once eczema is detected you might need to apply several baby skin rash treatments below to ease any discomfort caused by eczema such as

Use mild, perfume and dye free soaps, shampoos and detergents. The harsh chemicals can be irritating to the affected skin and aggravate the rash.Treating Baby Skin Rash Due To Eczema, Avoid Harsh Soaps, Deergents, Shampoos

Make sure you dress baby in soft, breathable fabrics like cotton. Put on soft material on baby’s crib and or bed. Make sure any new clothes are washed before baby is wearing them to avoid any harsh chemicals used in the manufacturing process in contact with the skin.

When bathing your baby, make sure using lukewarm water and do not let baby sit in the water for too long. If you use lotion to your baby, make sure the lotion is perfume free. Use the lotion as necessary to moisturize baby’s dry skin after baths only.Treating Baby Skin Rash Due To Eczema, Bathe in Lukewarm Water And Do NOt Sit Too Long

Make sure baby’s nail is trimmed regularly is also a way to treat baby skin rash due to eczema. Baby tends to scratch the itchy skin caused by eczema. You may put on soft cotton gloves during the night to avoid scratching.Treating Baby Skin Rash Due To Eczema, Use Cotton Clothing

Some doctors may prescribe a soothing ointment to relieve the symptoms such as a mild steroid cream and other remedies such as antihistamines.

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