Treating Neck Rash Baby

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Neck rash baby has during the first year of baby’s life is a common problem. Most of babies will have rash on the neck, face, body or any part of body as baby has not yet developed the immune system completely. The rash occurs on baby’s neck mostly because there is too much moisture on baby’s neck due to baby’s drool, sweat or spit up. One way to prevent this to happen is always keep baby stays dry.Changing Clothes As It Is Wet To avoid Neck Rash Baby

How to treat neck rash baby is pretty simple. As the first treatment you can change baby’s clothes once it is wet or spoiled. Baby tends to spill food or liquid several times and as the neck stays moist it will lead to neck rash. Change the clothes once the meal time is over or playing time is over. When the weather is hot and humid make sure your baby stays in shade, dress the baby loosely and change the clothes once it is wet. Select soft fabric for baby as it is suitable for baby’s skin, comfortable and easy to maintain. Bibs are also preferable to protect the neck from the dirt cause by food or drool. Clean off the drool, fluid or dirt from the neck using the lukewarm water and pat it dry using soft washcloth.

To Avoid NEck Rash Baby Minimize The Usage Chemicals Cosmetic

Some people treating neck rash baby with herbal talcum powder. The powder will soak any moisture and help baby’s neck stays dry. You can apply the powder with puff and apply it on baby’s neck gently, make sure your baby does not inhale the powder as it may cause breathing difficulties.Soft FacbriC Is Good To Avoid NEck RAsh BAby

Some babies are prone to get an allergic reaction towards chemicals. Minimize the usage of baby’s cosmetics or products that chemically produced. Baby’s skin is so delicate, tender and sensitive. When baby’s skin is exposed to chemicals, it reacts through rashes. When you need to use chemicals products such as soap, it is better to choose a herbal mild soap ones.

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