Treating rash on baby boy private area

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Certainly, you know that baby’s skin is thin and fragile. It can easily hurt by many cases. You need to care it properly. Most babies are using nappies. Sometimes, you may do not know that your baby using wet nappy in long time. It can cause rush on your baby’s private area. You do not need to be panic when your baby gets rash on his private area. There are several treatments that you can try to treat the rash on baby boy private area.

  1. When changing your baby’s nappy, you need to wash his bottom with warm water and mild soap. Rinse it with clear water and pat it smoothly. If your baby’s skin is really red, using warm water may less hurt.
  2. Use cream with zinc oxide or petroleum jelly to protect the rash area in changing nappy. You are not allowed to share the cream with other baby. Do not touch the affected skin and put back your finger to the cream. If you need more cream, you can use the other finger.
  3. You can also use wipes for cleaning your baby’s skin. But, you need to ensure that the wipes are alcohol-free.
  4. Avoid using talc or baby powder.
  5. Give enough time for allowing the air to the nappy. You can loosen the lock to circulate the air well. By providing good air circulation, you can make your baby feels better. It also allows the skin to heal the rash quicker.
  6. You should take your baby to the doctor if the cases below happened.
  • The rash has not disappeared in three or four days
  • You see pimples, crusts, and blisters appear in his skin
  • Your baby gets uncommon fever
  • The rash is spreading to other areas
  • The private area of your son getting red and swollen


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