Treatments for Securing Baby Boy Rash on Private Area

October 4, 2015 | By admin | Filed in: Rash Treatment.

Surely, you want to care our baby boy properly. A baby boy needs extra attention. You should consider that the skin of your baby is very fragile. Nappy rush can happen easily to your baby. Almost all babies who wear nappy will get nappy rash.  There are several treatments that you can do for securing baby boy rash on private area. You can try these treatments to secure your baby.

  1. Change the nappy of your baby frequently. This way will make dry his nappy area so his skin has a chance to cure. You need to change wet or soiled nappy sooner. It is better for you to check the nappy each hour.
  2. Allow the bottom of your baby airy. As long as possible, you need to let the bottom of your baby airy each day. You can let your baby lying with open nappy. When your baby is sleeping, you can also leave him naked from his waist down. Loosen his nappy to enable enough air circulation.

  3. Wash your baby’s skin using a mild soap and lukewarm water. Wipe his skin smoothly. After that, rinse with clear water. If possible, you should clean your baby’s skin with running water. Dry his skin by gently patting with towel. If you prefer to use disposable wipes, you should make sure that the wipes do not contain alcohol. Alcohol can hurt the raw area.
  4. In every changing his nappy, you need to give protective cream. There are many kinds of cream in market. You should choose the cream that is suitable with your baby’s skin. You can buy the cream in supermarket or from your chemist. You are not allowed to use talcum powder for nappy rush. Breathing accidentally in a puff of talcum powder can make breathing difficulty.

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