Types And Symptoms Of Heat Rashes On Babies

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Heat rash is commonly found on babies and heat rashes on babies can be divided into different types of severity such as miliaria crystallina, miliaria rubra and miliaria profunda. All the types have the same causes, which is the pores are clogged and the sweat cannot get out. By identifying what type of heat rashes, you can determine the right treatment for your baby.Heat Rashes On Babies, The Milia Crystalina

The first type of heat rashes on babies is miliaria crystallina. This is the most commonly found on heat rashes and the mildest from all. The rash is identified as small clear-white bumps; you might also find liquid filled bumps on the outer layer of the skin. The bumps that often burst are actually bubble group of sweat. This type of rash does not give any itch or pain sensation to the skin. No creams or ointments to battle the itchy and painful skin are required.Heat Rashes On Babies, The Milia Rubra

The second type of heat rashes on babies is miliaria rubra. This type of heat rash is often called prickly heat. Although this type of rash is commonly found on adults, baby and children might get the rash too. This rash causes a more nuisance and great discomfort rather than miliaria crystallina. Milia rubra often appears in the deeper surface of the skin, or appears in the epidermis. When the weather is hot and humid this type of rash occurs and cause itchy, red bumps on the skin. The affected skin might be less sweaty, inflamed and sore since the sweat cannot get out through the surface of the skin.Heat Rashes On Babies, The Milia Profunda

Milia profunda is the last type of heat rashes and the least common one. The rash occurs in the deeper layer of skin or the dermis and may become chronic as it often reappears. The rash is identified as large, tough and flesh colored bumps. Person that develops milia profunda might experience dizziness and nausea. You might notice if any heat stroke symptoms found.

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