Types Of Baby Rash On Torso

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Baby rash on torso as other rashes found on baby body has a wide range of causes. The rash may appear in patches, spotted in one particular area of baby body or occurs in one area of body and then spread to other parts of body. The rash on torso may cause various kind of discomfort such as itchiness, inflamed, and stung.Baby Rash On Torso Can Caused By Contact Dermatitis

The common type of baby rash on torso found on baby is heat rash. Heat rash is a result when sweat ducts is blocked and finally the perspiration cannot get out as usual. Baby is likely to develop rashes on the area that is cover with clothes or diaper such as back, chest, neck, arms and near the groin.Baby Rash On Torso Due To HEat Rash

Hives are also common found on baby. Hives or also called as urticaria is identified as raised, red rash that gives itchy sensation and develop welts. The welts may occur in various sizes and will appear and then disappear. Some babies may suffer from its burning sensation or stinging pain along with extreme itching. You can spot the rash almost all over the body including torso.

Contact dermatitis may also cause baby rash on torso. Contact dermatitis may cause a red itchy or bumpy rash. Some of cases appear in red patches, similar to a burnt wound. Sometimes in a very bad case blister and fluid are found. Contact dermatitis is formed because there is a contact between skin and agent of irritants such as baby soap, powder, fragrance, including oak and poison ivy.BAby-RAsh-On-Torso-MAy-Caused-By-Viral-Illnes

The other type of rash found on baby torso is impetigo. Impetigo is an example of infections caused by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus (“staph” and “strep”) bacteria. Rash by impetigo causes skin produces tiny blisters that found all over the affected skin and makes the glands swollen. Impetigo may cause blister, which is very painful to touch too. Impetigo found on torso occasionally appears as fluid-filled blister.

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