Types Of Baby Diaper Rashes

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New mommies typically have a hard time treating baby diaper rashes that may come and go. Diaper rash is commonly found on babies that wear diapers. The rash may be easily treated with keeping the area as dry as possible and regularly air out the skin on the diaper area. The rash may eventually resolve within days. Rash on diaper area is not solely caused by diaper rash, that is why when baby has diaper rash that seems not go away mother should think of any other causes.MAny Things Can Cause Baby Diaper Rashes

The other causes of baby diaper rashes are including fungal or yeast infections, allergies, and any other skin conditions. Diaper rash that occur caused by fungal infections usually does not respond to the usual diaper cream and it is not easy to get rid of. The rash may linger longer than the common diaper rash. The rash caused by yeast infection usually has a typical appearance, which is red and beefy. Youneed topical treatment or over-the-counter-anti-fungal treatment as remedies. You need to treat the cause completely so it will not reoccurring. Good hands washing after and before changing the diaper area may also helpful to limit the fungal spread.Baby Diaper Rashes Look Intense Red

Allergy is one of the types of baby diaper rashes. Baby that is sensitive to particular substances such as soaps, detergents, wipes, or baby diaper may develop diaper rash. Baby might develop allergic reaction when the delicate skin on the diaper area is in contact with the certain allergen. The rash can be persistent and may be localized on the certain part where baby is repeatedly in contact with the allergen. Try to change the detergents or other harsh chemicals contained product to mild or herbal one, consider to change the brand of disposal diaper or move o cloth diaper.Baby Diaper Rashes May Not Easy To Treat

The other cause of baby diaper rash is skins conditions including eczema or seborrhea that looks like red, dry and itchy patches on the affected area. You need to consult with doctor to determine the best treatment to treat the rash.

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