Types Of Baby Rashes All Over Body With Redness

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Baby tends to develop rashes including baby rashes all over body. The rashes found all over baby’ body can be bumpy, red in color and has no definite texture. There are lots of kinds of causes and symptoms of rash all over body and one of the common symptoms is the red rash.

Red baby rashes all over body with redness might be included into certain types of causes such as

Contact dermatitis. It is common for baby develop contact dermatitis rash. The rash may present as baby is in contact with chemical or substance that baby is allergic to. You might find that sometimes the rash is oozy that can cause infected parts spread to other part of body. The example of contact dermatitis is poison ivy.Baby Rashes All Over Body With Redness, Poison Ivy

Psoriasis is the next causes of red rash found on entire of body. It might be concluded as a permanent disease and it is occasionally passing through genes. Baby who develops psoriasis, baby’s skin cell will rapidly multiply that cause lesions to form. Streptococcal infection is the known main factors that can ay trigger the skin problem.Baby Rashes All Over Body With Redness, Psoriasis

Another example of red baby rashes all over body is ringworm. Ringworm is a fungal infection caused by Tinea Corporis and nothing to do with any worms. The rash appears as circular rash that has a defined edge which is inflamed with skin color in the middle. Poor personal hygiene can cause the rash to spread the infection to other parts of baby’s body.Baby Rashes All Over Body With Redness, Ringworm

Scarlet fever also causes rash on baby’s entire body. Therash is initially started on the chest and stomach and soon spreads all over baby’s body. The rash is caused by group A bacteria called Streptococcus that can cause sore throat, swollen glands and tongue resembles strawberry. You might need to keep away baby from other children as the rash is highly contagious.

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