Types Of Contagious Body Rash On Baby

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There are several types of body rash on baby including body rash which is contagious. The causes of the rash on baby body which is contagious are varied including fungal infections and virus. Ringworm is the example of fungal infections that cause contagious rash on baby and the example of contagious rash on baby caused by virus is molluscum contagiosum.Types Of Contagious Body Rash On Baby Caused By Virus

Body rash on baby caused by ringworm may appear as rash in round shape or resembles a ring. The rash may give itchy sensation but not pain nor dangerous for baby. Baby who has ringworm may develop one or several red rings that occasionally found on baby’s chest, stomach, thighs or back. The rings may look crusty or scaly on the outside of the ring and smooth in the center. When the fungus grows, the ring may get larger too that ranges from a few millimeters to few millimeters. Your baby may get ringworm rash as fungus penetrate baby’s body through broken skin such as patch of eczema or a cut or scratch. The other possibilities, baby gets it from pet or person who is infected. Baby may touch contaminated towels, sheets, toys, clothes or soil might also be the cause of baby has ringworm.Types Of Contagious Body Rash On Baby, Ringworm

Molluscum contagiosum is type of contagious body rash on baby which occurs due to virus. This mild skin disease causes bumps or growths on baby’s body part. The rash is commonly found on one year old baby to ten years old kid may identified as flesh-colored, dome-shaped lesions which is pearly and get a dimpled center. The rash may give baby itchy sensation, redness and inflammation. This painless rash is occasionally spotted on any part of body including chest, back, neck, arms and face. When your baby has this kind of rash, you should put baby away from other children since the rash easily spread from one child to another as the child touch or scratch the infected spot. Baby may spread the disease by touching the surface and objects such as toys, clothes, soil, towels, sheets and many more.Types Of Contagious Body Rash On Baby, Red Molluscum Contagiosum

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