Types Of Viral Baby Rash After Fever

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Viral baby rash is a rash that occurs due to viral illness such as roseola, measles, rubella, fifth disease and many more. Viral illnesses though it is worrisome are very common found on young children. Viral illness is occasionally associated with high fever, before the fever or after the fever subsides the rash occurs. Here are the possibilities of rash that breaks after the fever has passed.Types Of Viral Baby Rash After Fever, roseola

The first type of viral baby rash after fever is roseola. Roseola can cause a baby has a very high fever more than 103 Fahrenheit. The other symptoms along with a high fever are red puffy eyes, runny nose, and mile sore throat. You can see tiny pinkish or reddish spots on baby’s torso, tummy and back after the fever is passed, rash will eventually spread to the extremities. The other symptom a baby might have is swollen lymph nodes of the neck. Roseola is caused by virus called herpesvirus 6 and sometimes caused by herpesvirus 7. Roseola belongs to illness that contagious and is likely transmitted by person who is infected through respiratory secretions or saliva.

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The second type of viral baby rash following fever is fifth disease. Fifth disease is started with mild fever along with cold-like symptoms such as congestion, runny nose and cough. After the fever caused by fifth disease subsides, the rash occurs on baby face particularly on the cheeks as if they were slapped. The rash though once it presents may not cause discomfort to baby will finally spread to baby’s trunk and extremities. This rash caused by fifth disease is caused by virus called parvovirus B16. Just like roseola, fifth disease is a contagious illness too. Baby who has fifth disease or roseola should not mingle with other children at least until the rash presents, when the rash occurs the diseases are less contagious.

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