The Ultimate Treatment for Baby Diaper Rash You Have to Note

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Finding a treatment for baby diaper rash is a common thing for parents that newly have a baby. Sometimes this comes to be a shocking and fearing problem for many Moms in the world. In fact, if you treat the diaper rash well, you avoid infection and let your baby sleep tight every time.

We think it is important to give you a little knowledge of what the diaper rash is and how to fight it.

The Ultimate Treatment for Baby Diaper Rash

first of all, you should see redness around the diaper area that won’t go away. Some diaper rash cases happen due to some factors from allergies, the baby starts eating solid foods, the diaper is dirty and stays for a long time, bacteria build up, the diaper is too tight and so on. hence, there are many procedures you should do as a prevention.

Treatment for Baby Diaper Rash At Home

Keep It Clean and Dry

The only way that you should do even though the diaper rash has gone away is making sure everything is clean and dry, especially in the diaper area. Changing the diaper frequently will avoid the skin from irritation. Even sometimes you have to give some time to your baby enjoying the day without the diaper. Just lay down your baby on the towel as she/he doesn’t put the diaper on.

If you decide to change the diaper, use the soft cloth only to avoid worse irritation and gently wipe the broken skin. Remember, don’t rub! Also, forget all products that contain alcohol and fragrance as this could worsen the symptoms. Use a mild soap only that is specially designed for a baby.

Cream and Jellies

Get a creams or pastes that contain zink to help yo sooth the skin. This cream also prevents the skin to contact with urine and feces, so the trigger can be reduced. After applying this cream, you can also cover it with petroleum jelly so it will not stick to the diaper.

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Avoid These Treatments

If your baby is suffering from diaper rash, avoid using the plastic diaper and hypoallergenic product. You also need to put the breathable clothes on to prevent moistly. The baby powder is a good idea as well.

The rest treatments you need to avoid is never using a remedy that you are not so sure. Your baby skin is sensitive so it is best for you to stay away.

Cloth Diaper or Disposable Diaper?

Since the treatment for baby diaper rash is to prevent the symptoms, consider the material of the diaper you’re going to use. Cloth diaper or disposable diaper?

Some cloth diapers diaper features a waterproof cover with the high absorbent inner layer. Some of them also come with a slim fit that fit in your pocket, and some of them come with the all-in-one feature. The material also varies; natural fibers or synthetic material. However, this cloth diaper more likely leads to diaper rash and add more loads on the laundry.

Meanwhile, the disposable diapers come with a various design with thin and light form. After use, you just simply throw it in the trash bean. It’s more absorbent and convenient. The only problem to deal with it is chemical that might irritate the baby and environmental issue.

Each diaper above has strength and weakness. You just need to suit it with your need and budget. Just be sure that the material will not harm the skin.

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